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The two stupidest horror movies of 2008

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Posted 13 June 2008 - 02:27 AM

I have just watched these:



Followin' the crowd I bet these noroms™ will soon put up 'Slasher films' classes 1000USD/student.

And one of them (Bryan Bertino) has never directed before:

That happened so fast and then all of a sudden, you know, I never even thought about directing at that moment. Like Id never taken a meeting so it was, okay how do you learn how to talk about story? How do you learn how to do those things? And so for two years because I worked with Jerry Bruckheimer it was like, I got trained on story. I got trained on how to communicate your ideas and fight for what you believed in.

"Okay look, I dont know how to do a lot, but I know what the story is and if all you guys can gather around me and well talk about the story, then well make up for the limitations that I have.

I still had to buy books on how to direct, I still had to practice an action in the car that first day.

:angry: o tempora, o mores! Dilletantes make absinthe, dilletantes direct horror movies, dilletantes already are in our governments...

Now I am gonna watch "2 days in Paris" and "The other Boleyn Girl", hopefully these will be much betterer.
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